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Justin’s story

Hello, my name is Justin Thompson I am 15 years old and am a huge soccer fan. I love playing soccer and other sports but one unlucky day i had a game and fell on my head 🙁 it gave me a concussion but i felt that no one wanted to know about it so i kept it to my self, this would be the biggest mistake of my life. The next day i had soccer practice and…

Jeff’s story

It’s almost too long to write our, but my wife and I are going through a really hard time right now and your radio station in the morning has been a huge rock for myself. Our daughter is within weeks of passing away from cancer . she is in our home under hospice care. She is 24 years old and is married with two little children, 2&3…

Derek’s story

When I was about 8 years old I was very sick, but now I’m feeling better about myself well I am a Christian guy also I like to listen radio stations like life 96.5 it really changed my life and I want to honor my grandma Osthus that passed away and I want to again thank life 96.5 for everything I will be a fan of life 96.5 and I want to pray…

Nancy’s story

Last Sept I had to have a biopsy done on my left breast, when i was 46. I had not planned to tell my children, ages 15 & 12, prior to the procedure. The weekend before it was scheduled, I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to tell my kids. I shared with them that whether it was something or nothing, God was in control. He knew, before I was…

Terri’s story

1st i need to say God is so faithful!! Jan 30 2015 my 46 year old husband hit the ground at 6;15 in the morning. i quickly ran into the bathroom to find he couldn’t get up and his face was drooped. A Stroke!!! What in the world?? That is an older person’s issue!! I immediately prayed for healing. We rushed him by ambulance to…

Harvey’s story

Dear Life 96.5 I am the person who called in this morning thinking that you were giving away concert tickets, only to find that it was Praise Day. I would like to share more of my story about finding my adopted brother because to me it proved just how God works through people. To start with let me say that when my brother was born, I was only…

Edward’s story

As everyone knows 3 weeks ago we had that torrential rain. As I watched the water rise in our driveway and enter our garage; I prayed asking God to protect us from flooding our home. Well needless to say it seemed at the time he wasn’t listening; I watched the water come through our sump pump and soak our finished basement wth about…

sara’s story

im writing my story out of humility, truth and most of all Love…. i recently left a message on your voicemail about my story. i tremble at the presence of The Lord. i am a weak individual who God has forgiven and loved unconditionally…yet i fear this. He is all around me…hitting me upside the head saying why are you…

Scott’s story

I haven’t been to church or prayed in a year and half, I felt like the lost sheep in the verses john 10. Then I got very sick lost my job got very stress and now I have high blood pressure and insomnia and I’m 28 years old, Through my family God was speaking to my heart , so I started seeking him again and listening to this radio…

Kari’s story

Just wanted you to know how much you’ve blessed me. This last spring I walked away from the Lord out of anger. I’ve been really miserable. As God began to draw me back he used 96.5 as I drove around town. The words spoke to my darkened and angry heart. I gave my heart back to God in August. Thank you for being there for me.…

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