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Jim’s story

I’m 59 and I don’t know how long I’ll live, so I’m trying to enjoy my life. But, I still would like to do good works. The most helpful thing I do for myself now is go to the YMCA and exercise until I feel well. I saw a guy there today that looked a lot like John Schlitt of Petra, but it didn’t seem possible. I…

doug’s story

I went to pick up my meds and found out I couldn’t afford them at that time. The pharmacy had left me a voicemail which said my meds had been paid for. When I went to get them a note on them said that the person in line behind me paid for them. I asked the Lord to bless that person and I thank the Lord for touching their heart. The Lord may…

doug’s story

I had 2 heart stents put in in November last year. December of last year I had 2 more heart stents put in. The Lord spared my life twice. So now I suffer from anxiety (didn’t know what it was at the time) so I asked the Lord to cure me of that too. I subscribe to the Life Verse and when I checked the inbox it was Mark 5:19. How cool is that?…

COLTON’s story

I used to live in Rapid City, SD until I have been really home sick to be closer to my families that’s how got myself into a huge depression, angers, anxieties, motions, until my step mom & my foster mom came to me & told me it’s time to move to Mitchell this way I can be closer to them that’s how I did. When I moved…

Sara’s story

I just want to thank you for the words of encouragement the love and encouraging words – because of your station my family has been able to break a vicious cycle of the enemy and his works. Through several years fighting addiction disease and control of my life I am now choosing to be the next person in my family to allow the love…

Mark’s story

I recently moved to Sioux Falls from Watertown. My wife got a job as a teacher in Harrisburg. I’ve lived in Watertown for close to 30 years. I have issue with big change. I listened to Praise FM when I lived in Watertown. Life 96.5 reminds me of Praise FM and made the transition to life in Sioux Falls easier. Our house is stil unorganized…

Jeanette’s story

This August, my husband of 40 years was in the hospital for 66 days. He is a dairy farmer and was reluctant to go seek medical help. A Erika tumor was found on his spine. After two surgeries in four days, he needed a lot of recuperation. He was left with minimal movement in his toes.  He had to come home and get used to life in a wheel chair.…

sheryl’s story

Wow God has done so much for me. I was a divorced mom and he provided everyday with all my needs. I was raising four children on my own. He supplied a house and then gave me another house. He gave me and my children a free trip to every park in Florida. The greatest thing of all is he saved me and gave me a new life with him. He carries me through…

Brian’s story

For years I have struggled with depression and very low self-esteem.In late April of this year I began making some health changes that has led to an almost 100 pound weight loss.However that is just the beginning of a life changing journey for me. In July I went to a convention in Florida that changed me. I was listening to speakers talk…

Debbie’s story

Five years ago God led me to move from my lifelong home in Des Moines, Iowa to accept a job in Sioux Falls. I didn’t know a soul in Sioux Falls other than my employer. I walked into my new apartment with my cat and a suitcase, apprehensive and excited. It was September, with the holiday season and winter approaching ~ typically times…

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