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Emily’s story

Growing up, I was brought up in the faith. You would always see my family and I at the 2 services at Church every Sunday. Last year, faith was not something I had. I have always struggled with anxiety, but it got worse and depression was added in the mix. It was to the point that I would have a hard time getting out of bed and even leaving my…

Mariecar’s story

I would like to share my testimony of God’s greatness in my life and my baby’s life through this blog post. I would want people who would be able to read this who are currently going through hard times, trials and challenges in whatever area in their lives to never give up and to never lose hope for everything is in the hands of God. He is…

Arianna’s story

I have had depression and anxiety for about 3 years and it started due to family issues one of them being a family member passing away. I went down a dark path and I thought that God was punishing me for something I did. I couldn’t even finish out my 8th grade school year because my anxiety and depression was so bad. I had been self…

Mike’s story

I’ve always believed in God, in Jesus, but, as I kid, I felt that going to church was just something you had to do. I guess you could say that I believed by it was in my mind, not in my heart. I was married but I messed that up, I went outside of the relationship, which I regret and am not proud of. My wife stayed with me but welded the affair…

Jennifer’s story

I lost my faith many years ago when I got addicted to drugs, fortunately about 2 years ago we moved to a small town and I found the most amazing church while trying to get clean. Them and a family member helped me find my faith again. I started listening to 96.5 after my friend took me to casting crowns concert in Sioux falls recently and…

Victoria’s story

My time with Jesus it was kind of rough when I lost my Great Grandparents pass away because of problems in the family. I just hope they will see me when I graduation from High School in May 2018. Im happy that Jesus has help me through my rough times when I need him the most.…

RaeLee’s story

Hi my name is RaeLee Franken. I called this morning to share my story. I completely lost it and wasn’t able to say everything I wanted to. January 4th I went in for a routine doctors appointment. I was 29 weeks pregnant. This is our first baby and we were so excited to be having a son. Kolter is the first grandbaby and great grandbaby on both…

Amy’s story

In November of 2012 we found out we were pregnant with our second child. In December of 2012, we found out our baby no longer had a heartbeat. I was so angry. Angry at life, my doctor, and myself. I fell in a deep depression and I no longer enjoyed life or my family. I knew how I was feeling was not right. I needed change for not only myself,…

Karsyn’s story

On February 4 2018 my really close friend lost her mom from lung cancer and after I found out I was upset for the longest time. And when she found out she never lost her hope, never lost her faith, she was okay with having cancer. She never said “why me?” And when I listen to life 96.5 I don’t feel upset anymore. I also…

Kathie’s story

I had lost my dad in January due to cancer. I am currently missing my dad. But once I listen to your music. I feel lifted by your music. cause I know he is in a better place…

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