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Bonnie’s story

I accepted Christ at a Carmen concert on July 19, 1990…my daughter’s 2nd birthday. My daughter has high risk pregnancies. When she was pregnant with her 4th baby, the doctor discovered her uterus was full of cysts. It was very early in her pregnancy and the doctor told her and her husband that the baby won’t be viable…

Evan’s story

The song “Scars in Heaven” by Casting Crowns has really impacted my life ever since my mom passed away 9 mos. ago  (my dad died 26 yrs. ago) & I know they are both up in heaven with God! Thank you, KNWC!…

Dee’s story

Thank you for the music you play. Particularly the song Scars in Heaven by Casting Crowns. I have a son. Who is dying of brain cancer. The song makes me weep, but yet puts a smile on my face because I know God will be and has been holding him in His arms during this difficult time. I can see Jesus holding him in Heaven. I praise God!…

Lisa’s story

Almost 3 years ago now on the night of February 7th 2019 I attempted to walk home in freezing cold temperatures. The wind chill was close to -30 and I thought for sure I could make it. I came close, in fact I was across the street and down 2 doors from my own house when due to the extreme cold my ankle cracked and I fell down. I was so cold and tired…

Billy’s story

In 1976 I committed to the leadership program of the cult I was already involved in. I thought I was commiting to Christ. Instead, it got me various cult trauma including a sexual assault. I was yanked out of the cult right after the 1979 assault, but my mind remained in the cult for decades, even through a 35 1/2 year marriage with five…

shell’s story

God is good. I have survived, but better, I have thrived. Amnesia, abuse, schizophrenia…God has delivered me from all of these. There were substantial moments of trauma in my young life. I became depressed and isolated a lot as I made decisions, (Not good ones), that affected my family, my walk with God and my future. When I…

Jennifer’s story

Breathe by Jonny Diaz was played a on Friday morning. It had been awhile since I heard it, I was singing along. A few hours later (late afternoon) I received some bad news and all I heard in my head was the lyrics to this song.…

Nichole’s story

I have struggled as a Christian for many years. I was brought up in a home going to church and knowing the Lord and what he has done for all of us. I was in an abusive relationship in my life, was married had kids and finally I got out of that relationship. I have had to learn what forgiveness is and to move on in my life because for so many years…

Emily’s story

So, I am still young (only 15), but my life hasn’t been the greatest. From a young age I dealt with illness and loss. A little bit of background is that I was adopted the day after I was born. I have 4 siblings, two older siblings and 2 younger siblings. When I was 5, my grandpa died of health complications. When I was in 1st grade I was…

kaden’s story

my parents are divorced and I haven’t seen my Dad for a full year and a half. I really miss him and want to talk to him. could you pray for my mom?…

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