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Steve’s story

I’m sitting with my mother in hospice as she slowly moves closer to the Lord’s arms. What a blessing the Christmas music has been. She sleeps most of the day but I know she can hear the music. Thank you for the Christmas blessings.…

Megan’s story

I just wanted to say thank you to Life 96.5 for everything. I have been in Tennessee for a year now and every time that I miss Sioux Falls and I have this app on my phone and then I listen to Life 96.5 when I do miss Sioux Falls. So thank you Brad and Lauren and Luanne and Ryan and Jeff.…

Kaden’s story

Ever since my parents split up I have been depressed and anxious and had trouble sleeping, but ever since I have come to know Christ my Savior and Lord I am not so depressed and do not have anxiety anymore.…

JoAnn’s story

I have been having a tough time with life right now. Covid, finances, and just being depressed. Life 96.5 has been a true godsend. I blare it at the top of my speakers driving around and I catch myself singing along like no one is listening. My day starts and ends with 96.5. Thank you!!…

Zach’s story

Right after Christmas in 2017 I was arrested. I was on suicide watch with no faith and no knowledge of Christ. I would lay on my concrete bed and contemplate how to end it. In hindsight I can see that God didn’t give up on me though I did. I turned to God because I knew something needed to change. Fast forward a few months and I traded…

JoAnn’s story

I spent a month going thru and healing from covid 19 but there was one night I feel I need to share with you. After a day and a half the pain and nausea was so bad I didn’t think I was going to get thru it, then I heard a voice in my head saying go to the balcony and jump the pain will be gone go ahead it will be all over. I heard that over and over…

ABRAHM’s story

I am writing to thank the community of life 96.5. I was born and raised in very ruler part of North East Ethiopia. My dad suffered from bipolar disorder since the year I was born in 1991 until the day he passed away in January 2016. Not only him, my two older brothers also had the same Psychiatric disorder and they are suffering just like…

Kathy’s story

I got sick in 1986. I was 27 and married, with 3 kids. A 2 yr old 5 yr old, and a 7 yr old. I was so sick that at times I had to crawl. I was so sick that for a while I thought I had died and gone to hell. I ended up in a wheelchair because I had developed severe orthostatic intolerance. It took 19 years for doctors to figure out I had Lyme disease. I had…

rebecca’s story

My daughter has suffered from bullying for years and now has PTSD. She is an example of faith and seeks you guys out no matter where she goes. We switched schools so she could attend with new friends and has even brought your radio station into the school. Teachers and students eagerly wait for her to turn you guys on through her phone…

Peggy’s story

My husband, Steven, and I have been listening to KNWC since before we were married in 1973 so our three children heard it all the time. After our daughter, Danette, got married her family lived overseas for a number of years. Though there was a 12 hour time difference, they were able to listen to KNWC via internet. Now residing in the…

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