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Andrea’s story

I found myself lost after my husband of 13 years had an affair and left. I discovered that I had put my entire identity into being his wife and had no clue who I was. It was then at my lowest that I truely found Jesus. I realized that my identity is in HIM. I am a child of God! No person or situation can take that away from me. I chose HOPE as my word…

Kate’s story

My kids and I love 96.5! I often work late and get home after they go to bed. They listen to 96.5 when they go to bed, and I listen on my way home. That way, we are connected through the music. I came home the other night, and one of my girls had this sitting on top of her radio. It has a list of stations she enjoys. The top one reads “96.5 normal…

Maddy’s story

My grandpa had a heart attack last June, me and my sister and mom were golfing in Slayton my dad called and said that he was acting weird, my grandpa went home and about 15 minutes later my dad went out to the farm took grandpa to the hospital and 7 minutes after they got there he had a heart attack and the doctors shocked him 2 times and pressed…

Michael’s story

I’d battled alcohol since my teens. My addiction had ruined marriages, cost careers and homes etc. But every time I’d get sober, I’d always return. I knew Jesus but figured he’d given up on me. In Feb. 2016, facing my 3rd divorce, my family wanting me committed, unemployed, I screamed to Him for forgiveness…

Emily’s story

I grew-up (and still am) listening to Christian radio stations, but Life 96.5 was different, a good different, you guys play such encouraging songs. This year was my first in public school and it was hard starting off the year because the people who I thought were my friends were the ones who talked about me. This year has been hard.…

Damon’s story

I am an ex felon. I was a pagan for over 20 yrs. My wife taught me the truth about God and changed my life. I have been free for over 4 yrs. Married for 8 1/2 yrs and have 3 beautiful kids and the most amazing and loving wife. God works wonderful miracles that we do not always see.…

Karri’s story

I grew up listening to Life 96.5 . My Dad always has it playing. I cannot tell you the countless times a song has come on at just the right moment like a comforting hand on my back reminding me of Gods love and plans! I am at a point in my life now where my oldest son, 9 years, has really taken to the station on a deeper level than just enjoying…

Melanie’s story

We are stepping out across the line and continuing our adoption journey. “For everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under Heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3. Everything is in God’s time, not ours. For a long time we felt God calling us to adopt, so it was natural to go in that direction when we started talking about growing our…

Alexander’s story

I have been saved by God, given absolute clarity, hope and strength through the word of the Bible. I was at the point of ten or more years of addictions when I was the age of 22, which included gaming, overeating, substance abuse and many other unhealthy disorders. I reached the point where I had enough with turning my back on myself,…

Chayley’s story

4 years ago I slipped on ice and got one major concussion, and then about 4 mounths later I cracked my head open. That gave me 2 concussions. I have never had the same life, I am not responsible like I was and more. ADHD symptoms, but life 96.5 and God have helped me SOO much!…

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