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Michelle’s story

Just want you to know I truly enjoy the beautiful Christian music~I have it on all of my radio stations! I wish I could give a donation but lost my job & things are very tight! But I do give myself up to the Lord all day everyday!! Thank you again for the beautiful music & it is helping me through a very, very difficult time!! Bless…

Judy’s story

My siblings and I were heading out the door of a small restaurant and onto the Main Street of our hometown of Rock Valley, Iowa. As we did so, my sister turned to me and said, “Listen to that, Judy, they’re playing 96.5” Sure enough, the speaker system of the Main Street of Rock Valley had KNWC on. What a great thing…

Cody’s story

What ways has God worked in my life? Well my he helped get over the loss of my GG and my late 12 year old Old English Bulldog, Maggie whom I’ve known for her 12 years of life and I at first I asked the Lord “Lord, please, help me! I don’t know what to do!” He’s helped me alot.…

Kari’s story

Lauren slammed her head against the tiled bathroom wall. Lauren stop that I yelled, trying to hold her still. The sound of a bowling ball hitting the floor sent chills up my spine. Jared was sitting on Lauren’s hospital bed. I look up at him with a look of what am I suppose to do. Lauren took a swing at me. Don’t you dare I say to her…

Taylor’s story

My name is Taylor Van Emmerik, I am 13 years old and live in Tea SD but Parker SD will always be my home. Anyways I was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis when I was just 9 years old. At first when I was first diagnosed I was scared and felt lonely because I knew no one with Juvenile Arthritis. In fact I didn’t even know what arthritis…

Dustin’s story

Growing up I have known that God is there and that he gave his son Jesus for our sins, but didn’t understand. I carried this through until I was married to my first wife. That if when I lost all faith, drank, and hung around with the wrong crowd. We later had a daughter, but have since divorced in 2008. During that time I was Drinking,…

Emily’s story

When I was around the age of 3, I was adopted into a loving family and grew up in a Christian home. We moved a lot because my dad was a pastor. The summer before my 6th grade year, I moved to Mitchell, SD and began middle school and high school at Mitchell Christian. That fall/winter, my dad was diagnosed with stage 1 lymphatic leukemia.…

J.E.’s story

My story began in 1985 when I met the Lord and He became not only my personal Savior, but truly, my best friend. Through the years he has seen me through many things I would never have been able to handle without Him. He has protected me from harm, from death, and sometimes even from myself in the choices I WOULD HAVE made, but didn’t, because…

Lisa’s story

As a young child I grew up in a Catholic home. This was enough for me, or so I thought. As I grew up I relized I was unsatisfied with how my life was going. I met a friend and she showed me what it ment to have a relationship with Christ. I now go to Sunshine Bible Academy and am a senior there. My family does not belive that Christ is their Lord…

Terry’s story

Ever since I went through wak to Emmaus God has increased my wisdom and understanding of His plan formy life. I believe. 96.5 is a big part of that. I felt that if I couldn’t. Love myself then how could I love anyone else. Buthetold my heart I was loved and was worth more than Iever knew. I dedicated my life to God and His Message. I…

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