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Lacey’s story

In Sept of 2016 my husband and I welcomed our first child into this world. Our son, Derrick, spent nearly 2 months in the NICU immediately after being taken by c section, after failure to progress. After a few hours we learned our son had a very rare heart condition in which the NICU had never seen, only heard of. Severe right ventricular…

Amy’s story

I have been a captive to sin in thought word and deed. Guilt, fear, and shame have surrounded me.I tried to run and hide from my sin. God shined light upon it and I finally saw it and was broken by the truth. Then, God showed me that He wants my broken pieces to use for his glory! He gave us Jesus to bear our many sins, and also his amazing grace!…

Donna’s story

3 years ago I lost my best friend, my husband. We did everything together, always. He started attending church with me and the minute he walked through the doors, God was working in him. In his final journey, I knew he had accepted Jesus into his heart. Yes, I miss him every day, but through this bump in my road, I began serving at church,…

Klinton’s story

Hello I am typing this story because today is the Anniversary of my Sister KIMBERS Death. My Sister lived in Madison SD and was Highly Involved in her church River of Life. July 4th 2012 at the ripe age of 38 The Lord felt the need to take her away from me and 5 years previous at the ripe age of 55 he took my mother 9-17-07. I was battling with…

Ann’s story

My story that lead me to 96.5. In April 2016, I went to Omaha, with my Bible Study group, to a Beth Moore Conference. It was amazing and I was very moved by the music. Is was so uplifting. After the conference, we all went out to eat. I was asking my friends about a specific song, that moved me, but I couldn’t remember the name/title…

kathleen’s story

I moved to Sioux Falls to be near my oldest daughter and her family in January 2016. My youngest son and I share an apartment here. After 32 years of marriage, I was and still am in the midst of a bitter divorce. 18 months ago in November 2015 my husband left me without a word. Didn’t know if he was dead or alive for 3 1/2 weeks. Things…

Megan’s story

Thank you for this uplifting music and i thinking about committing suicide before I found life 96.5 and before I found Jesus Christ and keep this music coming my way…

terry’s story

well i lately have been having some negative thoughts about what, who when where the money was gonna come from to pay the extra bills that are starting to come in from the hospitals doctors ect. so i did some extra praying see i am a disable worker and my wife is the bread winner of the house, I would like to help out more with the little i bring…

Charles’s story

arrived in SD I was looking for a way to connect to one of the Christian radio station back in Haiti which was impossible. By searching I found life96.5 and feel very blessed since then. And now I am back in Haiti, Saint-Michel De l’Attalaye I and my family stay connected and enjoying listening Life 96.5 all the time. May God continue…

Lexi’s story

My brother struggles with an alcohol and drug addiction, along with many other things. He has made some very costly mistakes in his life. Because of these mistakes he feels that he is worthless and wants to die. He stuffers from servere depression and is suicidal. As his sister, all these things worry me. I love him very much but I’m…

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