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Mom always liked you best

The statement, “Mom always liked you best,” was often repeated years ago by Tommy Smothers in the comedy act he and his brother created.  Unfortunately, that statement is not always funny.  It may be, or appear to be, true.  Several things factor into the challenge parents have to be impartial. Sometimes the personality of the…

Ahh, parenting…the beautiful letdown

As moms, we have a lot on our plate running a household!  Just look at the start of the day.  You make sure the kids get up in the morning and ready for school.  You ask “Are you all ready to walk out the door?” and of course they say “Yes” which really means I still have to brush my teeth, do my hair, and study…


3 lessons my garden taught me about parenting

We have a garden in our back yard. Things grow very well in it. Unfortunately, not food. The strawberries we produced were eaten by rabbits before we got to them. Most of our rhubarb went unharvested. The only things that thrived were dandelions, and some nettle. I’m sowing strawberries, but I’m reaping weeds. It isn’t a matter of…


How do we generate creativity in kids?

In Sunday school we talked about a study Mark Batterson referenced in his book In a Pit… It focuses on divergent thinking and showed that 98% of children between the ages of 3-5  score in the genius category, 32% of children between the ages of 8-10 score at the genius level, 10% of teenagers, and 2% of those over 25. And yet our…


On being a super hero

For Father’s Day, my husband received a key chain inscribed with “Dad-a daughter’s first love and a son’s first hero.” That reality became clear this week when my son came home with a second grade homework assignment to write about a hero of his.  He told me he was trying to decide between New York…


The push-over parent

Dr. Dan Kindlon, child psychologist and author observes,  “Many parents today identify with being young and have trouble assuming the mantle of authority.” Dr. Kindlon is referring to parents who have abdicated the throne.  More accurately stated, these parents have given authority to their children. Kids are consulted about…

Buckle ’em up!

If you have made it a rule in your vehicle that no one goes anywhere until seat belts are buckled, you may have noticed that your kids are so accustomed to the seat belt that they actually feel uncomfortable if they’re unbuckled in the vehicle. But while many parents have been diligent about securing their children in car seats, a new…

Liz Curtis Higgs


Talking with your kids about their day

You probably know what it’s like. Your child comes home from school, tosses their backpack in the hall and mumbles a “Hi”. You ask how their day was and they say “fine” and that’s pretty much your conversation. It doesn’t have to be like that. iMom.com has 18 after school conversation…


Parents: what’s your goal?

The question, “What’s your goal?” was repeated many times in our household.  We asked our kids that question and we also asked each other.  “My math teacher is a perfectionist and she makes me crazy.  Why do I have to put the decimal point right on the line?” “What’s your goal?” “To learn this math stuff and to get a good grade.” “So?…

Homework 101

Homework issues can arise at any grade level. Here are some ways Mom and Dad can help.

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