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Bless the Blitz

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sioux Falls has a mission to improve Sioux Falls, one home at a time. And Habitat has a special way for Life 96.5 listeners and others in our community to partner with them and make a difference this month. Sioux Falls has been selected as the site of the 2011 “Blitz Home Builders” build location. This…

Truths about sugar

This morning Dave and I talked about sugar and it’s downsides that maybe you didn’t know. It’s extremely additive and research shows that the very sight of it triggers a reaction similiar to what’s stimulated to drug use. Here’s the article if you want more information. http://www.foxnews.com/health/2011/06/05/addicted-to-sugar-how-to-kick-habit/…

Christ is at yardsales in the Sioux Empire!?!

It’s true! I saw Him myself at our first (and last) family yardsale we had Saturday! And I have a sneaking suspicion that He’ll be making His rounds to lots of other sales too. Jim and I feel lead to sell our home so we’ve been cleaning out like crazy and decided to have our first yardsale. Even though we were shivering…

How Forgiven Are You, Really???

How Forgiven are you? Well … God tells us in Psalm 103:12 that “He has removed our rebellious acts as far away from us as the east is from the west.” Wow! Wow Wow! Oh, but I can hear you now. You’re saying “sure, but Suz, you don’t know how bad some of the stuff is that I’ve done.  I can’t…

Suzanne's poem "I Blinked"

Joe and Matt 2009 What happened to those little boys I only blinked one time Guess I knew it was gonna happen Growing up, its is not a crime But before I blinked I saw you boys Your age is five and three You can’t be playing college ball I mean you’re still hitting off a tee! And theres no way that you are dating We were just going

Love that "Best" Girlfriend

Lauren and Suz have been talking about the importance of having that one special “best girlfriend”.  But what exactly seperates regular friends from that one best friend?  Tell us what you think! Here’s Suz’s  best girlfriend, Bren. Chessa : My “best friend” can read me. When I’m…

My woman-hood is being challenged.

This morning Dave and I were talking about how I don’t cook, can’t cook, don’t like to cook, whatever. I feel intimidated by people who do cook. My husband is perfectly happy with crock pot meals and pre-made entrees but every couple months I get a case of the “woman guilts”. One Life 96.5 friend e-mailed…

Giving equal time to the bible

Ok, we’re constantly on our kids about too much time on those video games! But are we, as adults,  just as guilty or even worse? I’ve recently learned the pleasures of a video game called Angy Birds. I love it. I can’t help it. I have it downloaded on my phone and the music is even my ringtone now! But I’m trying…

A Thank-FULL Thanksgiving

Life 96.5 and Restoration Church of Sioux Falls invite you to be the hands and feet of Jesus this Thanksgiving by blessing families in need with a Thank-FULL Thanksgiving! Restoration Church is providing 150 turkeys with a challenge for Life 96.5 listeners to provide a box or basket-full of the remaining grocery items needed to

Trunk or Treat 2010!

Halloween can be spooky… why not make your kids and family happy treaters?! Bring them to the FREE Trunk or Treat event at Trinity Baptist from 6p – 8p on Sunday, October 31st. It’s a Halloween alternative event intended for the entire family. Good food and fun for all! The church invites you to come, decorate your…

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