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Lauren Banik


Danny Gokey “Rise”

Check out Danny Gokey’s newest song “Rise“…stemming from his own battle with depression and letting you know that there is hope even in your darkest moments.…


New Year’s resolutions for the minimally-inspired

Usually, we try to set goals for the new year that can be unattainable.  We have good intentions, but then March comes around and we are like “goals?  What goals?” So here’s what I’m proposing.  Let’s just shoot for small goals this year (I mean really small goals..hee hee) and see what can be accomplished!…


Handling loss during the holidays

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like a “Merry Christmas” or a “Happy New Year”.  When you lose a loved one around the holidays, it can be hard to “get into the spirit” of Christmas. It can seem painfully incomplete and there is no easy way to get through it. So how do you handle loss during the…



Check out a couple of NEW songs

You’ll notice this song by Jason Gray “Sparrows” playing on Life 96.5 encouraging you to not worry your life away.  God wants to take it from you, so you can live carefree! Another great song is “Chain Breaker” by Zach Williams.  God can help you change and help you through life!…


Encouraging you in the dark

It seems that we don’t need to be taught how to grieve or be sad, it’s just part of life.  There are those times when we don’t know why something is happening or where to turn, but God is always there! When we go to God in prayer during those dark times, he works on our hearts and helps us. Lots of people in the Bible poured…


You vs time

I don't know about you, but I feel like time and I just don't quite jive most of the time.



Check out a couple of new songs!

You will start hearing a couple of new songs played here on Life 96.5 this week. “Priceless” by for KING & COUNTRY talking about your beauty and worth in Christ. And “The God I Know” by Love & the Outcome has a catchy hook, and a great message about being saved and wanting everyone else to know who…


Leaving kiddos home alone for the first time…

It’s a tough question and decision.  Your little ones are so precious to you, but as they get older you wonder what’s an appropriate age to leave them home alone for a bit.  A quick trip to the store or to pick up their younger siblings, how long is too long?  And, if you are going to take the leap, what information should you…


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