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Lauren Banik


Hilarious horse “interview”

Whether you LOVE horses or you prefer the kind under the hood, you may still be able to get a chuckle out of this video. I had a few horses growing up so I always enjoy anything horse-related.  “Bucky” (being nothing like his name) was beyond sweet and incredibly docile…the other one, “Cody”, was…


Inexpensive goodies & gift ideas for your neighbors!

Are you wanting to bless your friends and neighbors for Christmas?  Maybe it’s your first time and you’re not sure what to do.  Or you’ve been doing this awhile and are thinking of mixing things up a bit and are looking for some fresh ideas?  Or you have the goodies, but need a witty saying to add to them. Every…


Ladies, here’s why your imperfections are beautiful…

You see it in on TV and in movies, on the internet, and the magazines in the checkout aisle…the “perfect” body.  All this leaves you feeling less than perfect and you end up getting down on yourself.  As you look in the mirror in the morning when getting ready for the day, some days you might think “huh, not…




All of a sudden “hiccup” when you least expect it “hiccup” it happens “hiccup”.  Sometimes it at the most inopportune time. The other day, I was on air and sure enough “hiccup”!  I hardly ever get the hiccups, but boy oh boy that was not the time to have them. When holding my breath…



Do you ever wonder if you make an impact?

Have you ever served on a volunteer project and later wondered what sort of impact did that make? This should help encourage you if you’ve ever been curious, whether you helped out with one of our Life 96.5 Hands and Feet Opportunities or served in another way, God IS using YOU to make an impact! How do we know? Because sometimes…



Always heed your own advice

Earlier this summer, I shared some travel packing tips and tricks that could change the way you pack forever!!  You know, like how a pot holder makes a heat-safe case for your hair tools or you could use a clip to protect your razor blade.  One that I thought about using on my recent trip (did you catch that…”thought…


Easy back to school savings

Ka-Ching!  You hear the cash registers everywhere ringing up tons of erasers, pencils, and notebooks this time of year!  Doesn’t it seem like summer vacation just flew right on by?  And now, we are back at it restocking the backpacks for the new school year!  You try to scrounge up last year’s remains so you don’t…


Morning Show Topics

    Find rest for your weary soul Use Pillsbury Dough in 15 easy ways! Oreo Cheesecake in a microwave!! 3 Quick recipes in a mason jar 4 Secrets to Make Your Relationship Last! Declutter your smartphone! Renewing the Journey w/Cecelia Dachtler Ducks given a walking path! Memorial Day traditions you may want to start We’ve…


Don’t cook dinner for a month!

Are you stressed out and tired by the end of the day?  Get home after a long day of work knowing you still have to put together a healthy meal for your family?  You might feel the same way your kids do every day when they are hungry, that “there’s nothing to eat” even though you didn’t even open the fridge or…


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