Women Ignited by Faith will have two  powerful events on September 27 – Women Ignited By Faith and BREAKTHROUGH Movie Night with Joyce Smith!  Joyce is the author of The Impossible true story that inspired the movie BREAKTHROUGH.

The Women Ignited By Faith event will feature speakers Mayor Paul Ten Haken, Wendy Tryon, Dr. Melanie Weiss, Connie Pearson, and Kathy Carman.

Then bring your husband for the Breakthrough Dinner Date and Movie Night. We are going to roll out the red carpet, have a fabulous dinner, and enjoy the most God-filled movie that you will ever see!

Meet Joyce Smith and Pastor Jason, who was there through it all and will share the stage with Joyce. He filled their hearts with prayer, love and hope. They will be sharing how the miracle surprised everyone when God filled the room and took over where the doctors left off…Join us to Give God the Glory! Two Incredible Events all in the same day!

Further information is available online at Ignite Your Faith: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/women-ignited-by-faith-breakth…

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