Love Like Thunder Video
Love Like Thunder Lyrics

Thunder It’s the sound that’s overcomin’ calling orphans
Your beloved It’s the sound that’s drownin’ out every fear and every doubt
It’s the force that still amazes, liftin’ heads up through the ages
It’s the force that’s breakin’ through, till every eye is turned to You
We can feel it all around

Your love is like the thunder
Shakin’ every heart,
You’re the light that’s breakin’ through the dark
Your love is like the thunder
Wakin’ every eye,
You’re the hope that rips through the dead of night
We’re caught up in the wonder, the wonder
Your love is like the thunder

Love has come now to awaken every tribe and every nation
And every soul is singin’ out, “we see the kingdom comin’ down”
We can feel it all around Jesus, we can feel You now
Thunder Shakes the skies and moves the seas
Yet leaves each single heart in perfect peace

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