Made To Fly Video
Made To Fly Lyrics

My daddy always told me
Hold your head up high
It’s just one moment
In all of time
If you can’t see it
Just close your eyes
And believe it
It’s all inside

So Keep on keeping on
Til the walls come down
Reachin higher til your feet
Don’t touch the ground
Get the power of praise
Flowing out your mouth
Lemme hear ya

If you need Freedom
Look to the sky
Hope is waiting
On the other side
Sing Hallelujah
By and by
Don’t stop at walking
When you were made to fly

Mama always showed me
There’s more to life
Than copper pennies
And silver dimes
So rest your head child
It’ll be alright
Just keep knocking
And ye shall find

Dior and Athens Publishing (ASCAP) (administered by Travellers Hollow Music, LLC.); Write Gold Music (BMI); Kempthorn Music Publishing (BMI)

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