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Remember when you couldn’t wait
To show up early and find your place
‘Cause you didn’t want to miss a thing
And your heart was open, ready for change

Oh, those days
You were never afraid to sing
Never afraid to lift your hands
Didn’t care what people would think

You were on fire
And church was more than a place
And people were more than faces
And Jesus was more than a name

Remember when you weren’t ashamed
To tell your friends about your faith
A time when you felt the pain
Of just one lost soul that was slipping away
Your heart was soft
You had radiant eyes
But slowly the pressures and burdens of life
Pulled you into the dark of the night
Oh, when did you lose your sight

You were on fire
And church was more than a place
And people were more than faces
And Jesus was more than a name
You were on fire
And you let life put out the flame
But He’s still calling out for you
‘Cause He wants to light your heart again
And set it on fire
Set it on fire

Turn your eyes
Turn your eyes
And don’t forget what it was like

Set me on fire
Set me on fire
I want to hold God’s people close
Want to feel the power of Jesus’ name
Set me on fire
Set me on fire

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3 stories about "On Fire"

  • Darrel Stiver says:

    I was driving when I first heard this song. Me and my wife and children were on our way to a popular restaurant and the words of this song gripped my heart. As I am typing this I have it on repeat. For me to explain everything that has happened to me would take quite some time. I was so on fire for God . I sang on the praise and worship team, had a street ministry for the homeless, I was in school for christian ministry, I shared my faith daily. Some even said that the radiance of God’s glory showed on my face. My wife at that time left me and took my three kids away from me. It destroyed me. I completely walked away from Jesus. It broke my heart and even though I am remarried to a wonderful woman, I still feel broken. We go to church, and I am even back in College for Christian Ministry. But I do not feel connected, I still feel broken. This song is me to a T. Please pray for me. Thank you. There is so much left untold about my story. But this is the short version.

    1. Laurie M. says:

      You are probably not even reading this anymore, as you posted in 2015! But I just wanted you to know I am praying for you! I hope you have “reconnected.” I just heard this song for the first time. I felt very connected myself back in the early 1990’s but the intensity faded. My marriage also broke up over it and then I had to struggle through life alone and ended up being too wrapped up in “the world” to remain as connected to God as I was. I am also trying to get back to that place…..pray also for me : ).

  • Me says:

    Hi, you may never read this but I will pray for you and anyone who has a struggle that hurts so much that they no longer find Jesus. I know because I am like that. When I am really hurt, I am like a turtle who puts herself under a hard shell for protection and hides from everyone. But what does that do? It only hides the light in us. We are being put to the test to run the race that is patient endurance! The question is can we overcome it? Will we conquer or will we let it consume us? I pray let us always be that kind of warrior. We got to be strong and stay in prayer and fight the good fight. Fight for righteousness and keep lifting our heads in prayer. It is only with God we can do all things. I for one have had it hard and I know exactly how you feel but no one has had it hard like Jesus. Jesus endured something that was too intense for any human to withstand. What Jesus did on the cross was true love. Not the kind of love that disappoints like here on earth but the kind of love that never never fails. That kind of love only comes from our Father in heaven. The way of Jesus is the fruit of the spirit and the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, kindness, faith, patience, goodness, endurance, and self control.

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