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Refuge Lyrics

When I open my eyes I can’t believe it
How the world can look so different than we were dreaming
It’s getting harder to say I’m undefeated
When the best my heart can hope for is breaking even

Here and now
Reaching out
In my hurt
I don’t know how
But I know I’m not alone

I can face my darkest night
‘Cuz I trust You with my life
I’m not afraid for You are my refuge
When it’s heavy on my chest
You’re the place I catch my breath
You are the only One I hold I onto
Oh, ‘cuz You are my refuge

I know how this ends I’m gonna make it
Your word is in my heart none could ever take it

Here and now
In this hour
Come and fill me with your power
Let me I know I’m not alone

Every day and darkest night
I trust you at all times
I’m not afraid for You are my refuge
And when I’ve got nothing left
You’re the place I find my rest
You are the only One that I run to
Yes, You are my refuge

You’re my rest
You’re rock
You’re my fortress
You’re my strength
You’re my shield
And You’re my defense
Nothing could ever take me from you
Nothing is ever gonna take me from you

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