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The Only Name Lyrics

Yours will be the only Name that matters to me
The only One Whose favor I seek
The only Name that matters to me

Yours will be
The friendship and affection I need
To feel my Father smiling on me
The only Name that matters to me

Yours is the Name the Name that has saved me
Mercy and grace the power that forgave me
And Your love is all I’ve ever needed

When I wake up in the Land of Glory
And with the saints I will tell my story
There will be one Name that I proclaim

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, just that Name

©2012 Word Music, LLC, HowieCowie Publishing (ASCAP) (All rights adm. by Word Music, LLC)

One story about "The Only Name"

  • Kimberly Hodapp says:

    I could have written the song…it’s a reflection of the reality that is now mine! It all comes down to this…pure joy in walking with Christ! ♡

    Thank you, Kimberly

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