One story about "Who Am I"

  • Larry Cain says:

    Well, I’ve enjoyed this tune for a long time. However, It is helping my to step back to my faith in Jesus.
    God has got me right where He wants me. I did think I blew it many years ago. Based on some scriptures I had taken wrongly. Things are coming clear now, and It really doesn’t matter anymore what I’ve done in the past. Jesus paid the penalty and my atonement is secure. It doesn’t matter the things I’ve done to earn grace either. Nothing I could ever do would be enough to win God’s approval. Not because of anything I’ve done does God favor me. And to be sure Not because of who I am, I’m a worm. It is totally about Christ. 100% because of WHO He is. And 100% because of what He’s done. (Just writing this note moves my spirit). Love Y’all Keep it up, What you do.

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