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Slaying the dragon of self-hatred

One of the most frequent problems I deal with in counseling and coaching is self-hatred. People often tell me, “I know God loves and forgives me, but I can’t forgive myself. I hate myself.” Self-hatred is every bit as much a sin as other-directed hatred. We are all God’s image bearers and, although we might not like aspects of ourselves,…


Clear past

When you or I strain our neck to look backwards at our past mistakes, Jesus is there. And if we don't see Him there, we are not seeing clearly.

Susie Larson



How to minister to teens

The teenage years are undoubtedly some of the toughest years a person can go through. So many issues; changing education, changing friends, changing body, and an emotional maturity that can’t always keep up. Those factors can lead teens to depression, anxiety, and feeling unworthy of others’ affection or respect.…

Peter Kapsner


Experiencing grace

Several years ago I experienced something that was terrible and wonderful at the same time.  My mother died of lung cancer; she was only sixty-nine. For most of my adulthood, my mother had not been a part of my life.  She didn’t attend my wedding, nor, before her illness, had she ever been to my home.  She missed seeing her grandchildren…


Saving grace

Does anybody say grace before a meal anymore? Growing up, this was a ritual that occurred at our dinner table. Every. Single. Night. I’m sure the intentions for starting this tradition were admirable, but by the time I was a teenager, singing grace at dinner {yes, there was a tune to ours} was a rote exercise. I took about a 20 year…


Chairs and tables and sharpies….oh my!

My kitchen table is a little like me. It started out new and fresh. But, then you live a little and before you know it you’re covered in scratches and permanent stains. At one point, I got so sick of seeing the mess that I hid the table and chairs in the garage. There, I said, “it can be used as a junky garage table, that’s all it’s good…


Grace therapy

There’s a friend in my life who just gives me a lot of grief with the comparisons she always gives. I try my best but still she points out that something is wrong. Her words echo… “Not good enough.” I could dress my best and she will whisper, “Nice, but not as nice as hers.” I mess up and let my clumsy words…


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