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Outcomes & offerings

Our whole lives are an offering, and the outcomes are in His hands. We cannot control the outcome, but we can trust our offerings to God.

Susie Larson


From generation to generation

Rules were made to be broken! Or were they? We grow up with this saying, thinking that rules are bad, guidelines are restrictive, and by following something like God, we are freaks who are weak. God’s disciplines are for our benefit and are meant to enrich our faith and grow as believers in our families and the church community.…


Momma said there’d be days like this

It’s been swirling in my heart lately. A black cloud of disappointment. And I don’t know why. And even after I pleaded God’s mercies to put feet to my prayers. Silence. “Stay here. Stay near.” I have to wonder if that is how the children of Israel felt, when they struck out in obedience and didn’t…


Do you have Faith, or the opposite of it?

I’ve always felt like I’ve had a good amount of faith.  But whenever anyone would share the incredible miracles of what God did for them, I’d think “well, that’s good for them, but that won’t ever happen to me!”   I was especially skeptical of those stories where people said they got…


Putting your ‘yes’ to the test

This may appear to be a sports related article, but instead it’s an incredible definition of Matthew 5:37 where Jesus, when teaching us about taking oaths, says “Let what you say simply be ‘yes’ or ‘no’….” (ESV). I’ve included a portion of a story that happened Christmas…


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