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    Life 96.5 and Spader’s RV Center Family Fire Pit Giveaway!

    Congrats to our first WINNER: Gayle Vander Plaats, Boyden!!…

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  • WIN Prime tickets to this year's Risefest!

    WIN Prime tickets to this year’s Risefest!

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  • Life 96.5 May Hands & Feet: Pack a Project!

    Life 96.5 May Hands & Feet: Pack a Project!

    By donating a bag of craft supplies your kids like, such as paints, paper, beads, feathers, or even kits, you will encourage…

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  • Life 96.5 at Risefest!

    Life 96.5 at Risefest!

    Father’s Day weekend, June 16-17 in Sheldon, Iowa…

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Today's Life Verse: Psalm 73:26

NLT      My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; he is mine forever.

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  • Prayers for a Friend

    Asking for prayers for a friend who is taking a certification exam that will determine her future going forward. She is really stressed out and could use God's...

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  • Dad in hospital again

    Prayers for my dad please. His INR is high and his blood count is low, he was just admitted into the hospital, he is losing blood somewhere and it could be...

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  • Overwhelmed

    I am facing a lot of changes. I am looking for summer employment as well as for the fall. I am also moving; hopefully in June. I am in a basement suite...

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  • Fighting the Devil

    It seems the more I pray the more the Devil attacks me. Right now my husbands hours that he works is being cut into about half. We can't survive long with out...

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